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Voice Venture Media is proud to offer our listeners three internet country music radio stations as part of our Network. The Network consist of the new "All American Country" which was launched on March 1, 2015.
"Country Legends Radio" which became part of the Network back in November, 2009 and "Lightning Country Radio" a station that replaced the very first and the original A1 Country station launched by the Network that was known back then as "The Eagle."

"The Eagle" was a first for A1 Country Radio Network and was founded by then Network owner Mark Evans. Evans always enjoyed the sounds of Independent Country Music Artist and launched "The Eagle" back in February, 2009 as a way to have Indie Artist get exposure for their music. The station was renamed because the internet industry offered several different stations that all used "The Eagle" in their name, thus the change to "Lightning Country Radio" to replaced "The Eagle" back in November 2011. It also made things easy for our listeners to find our station in iTunes and Windows media.

In October 2014 Voice Venture Media entered into an agreement with Evans which allows us to operate and manage both "Lightning Country" and "Country Legends." In early 2015 and because many listeners were asking for a station which provided a blend of New Country and Country Oldies, "All American Country" was born.

Today "All American Country Radio" offers a blend of Today's Hot Country and Three Decades of Classics.

"Country Legends Radio" is Where All The Good Country Songs Have Gone. The station has a blend of music going back to Kitty Wells, Hank Williams Sr. to the songs that were hits last year.

Lightning Country Radio plays Today's Hot Country and Your All Time Favorites. The blend of music has the New Country sound of today with hits going back to the 90's. It also offers many Independent artist not heard on traditional radio.
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We are launching this station soon
We are launching this station soon