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Voice Venture Media in a management agreement, aquired the rights from Evans Broadcast Group in late 2014 to operate internet broadcast radio stations Lightning Country Radio and Country Legends Radio. In addition, Voice Venture Media also has managing rights to the A1 Country website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Industry veteran Rodney Wright founded Voice Venture Media in August 2014. Rodney's goal was to establish a Country Music Internet Station which would produce a blend of Today's Hot Country & All Time Favorites, much like the Evans Broadcast Group introduced to the worldwide web back in 2009. Rodney's dream came true when both stations were offered in a management agreement so that the previous owner could concentrate on a music promotions company.

Since the Voice Venture Media takeover of the stations in early September 2014, both stations have remained unchanged.
Lightning Country Radio is a blend of Today's Hot Country, All Time Favorites, and also includes some of Country Music's upcoming Indie Artist.
Country Legends Radio is a mix of 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's Country with a small blend of hits from the past few years.